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Duties of Executive Board and Officers










Duties of Local Executive Board

The Local Executive Board has nine members: four officers and five at-large seats to include one each from Units 7, 3 and 2, two from Unit 6, unless no members from these units express interest.

The Local Executive Board is responsible for reviewing the issues to be presented at the monthly general membership meetings and making recommendations. Local Executive Board members can approve actions or expenditures by the Local President which need immediate authorization and which arise between general membership meetings by majority affirmation determined by phone poll.

Duties of President

The Local President:

  • Is responsible for running the Local Executive Board and general membership meetings.
  • Has the authority to assign grievances and attend all grievance meetings
  • Is a member of and makes appointments to all Meet and Confers, standing committees, and special committees.
  •  Appoints the Chief Steward and Local Stewards. Appointment of all Local Stewards will be approved by the Executive Board.
  • Is responsible for ensuring that meeting notices and agendas (including the 15-day notice of elections) are distributed in a timely fashion.
  • Is responsible for organizing and member outreach.

The Local President also:

  • Monitors Meet and Confers and other committees.
  • Tracks contract proposals and supplemental negotiations.
  • Oversees nominations and election of delegates to central labor bodies.
  • Oversees nominations and election of delegates to conventions, workshops and conferences.
  • Sends notice to agencies of seniority roster due dates.
  • Attends agency labor management committees.
  • Makes annual steward appointments and review performance.
  • Interacts with MMB representatives.

Duties of Vice President

The Local Vice President:

  • Runs the Local Executive Board and general membership meetings in the absence of the Local President.
  • Assists the Chief Steward.
  • Acts as Lead Steward
  • Coordinates and makes arrangements for participation in events (registering delegates to conventions, making travel arrangements, notifying delegates and alternates, etc.)

Duties of Treasurer

The Treasurer:

  • Runs the Local Executive Board and general membership meetings in the absence of the Local President and Vice President.
  • Reports monthly to Executive Board and general membership.
  • Receives and disburses monies of the Local.
  • Issues checks in payment for expenses incurred by the Local.
  • Manages local treasury and finances.
  • Orders supplies, letterhead, envelopes, promotional articles.
  • Orders and distributes stamps.

Duties of Secretary

The Local Secretary: 

  • Runs the Local Executive Board and general membership meetings in the absence of the Local President, Vice President, and Treasurer.
  • Record and distribute minutes from monthly Executive Board and general membership meetings.
  • Coordinates meeting notices and agendas (including required 15-day notice of elections).
  • Coordinates newsletter article writing.
  • Coordinates newsletter layout, printing and arrangement for distribution through Council 5.
  • Handles all local correspondence.
  • Prepares and mails certified letters.
  • Handles good-and-welfare arrangements.

Duties of Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for auditing the Local finances at least yearly, including all expenditures. The trustees then report to the membership on their audit.

Duties of Chief Steward

  • The chief steward is responsible for:
  • Knowing functions and responsibilities of a steward.
  • Grievance tracking.
  • Grievance coordination with Field Representative at third step and beyond.
  • Providing support on grievances and contract interpretation.
  • Monthly report of grievance activity to Local and Field Representative.
  • Steward training coordination.
  • Advising Local President on steward performance.
  • Offering guidance on contract interpretation, definition of past practice, class action merits, arbitration decisions.

Duties of Stewards

Lead Stewards are responsible for:

  • Knowing the functions and responsibilities of a steward.
  • Reporing to the Chief Steward at least monthly.
  • Checking with assigned stewards at least monthly.

Stewards are responsible for:

  • Knowing the functions and responsibilities of a steward.
  • Coordinating meeting dates, keep grievant informed about status of grievance, etc.
  • Filing grievances within assigned agencies. Any variation will be approved by the Chief Steward or Local President.

Stewards must:

  • Be a member in good standing.
  • Complete at least eight hours of steward training a year.
  • Rpresent each member and fairshare fairly and to the best of your ability.
  • Know the contract, or to know who to call to get accurate contract interpretations.
  • File grievances on all contract violations, unless the member wishes not to.
  • Fully document all grievances and conduct grievance meetings at the first and second step.
  • Keep the Chief Steward apprised of the status of all grievance activity.
  • Keep all information you receive from members STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Read and post the Union’s publications.
  • Be aware of the procedures, work rules and past practices in your Agency.
  • Make regular contact with members and be available to them.
  • Establish and maintain quarterly Labor Management meetings.
  • Ensure that management provides a safe work environment.
  • Participate whenever possible in Union functions such as conventions and conferences.
  • Maintain contact with the Local Officers and the Council 5 Field Representative.
  • Make sure that all new employees in your Agency receive a new member orientation packet.

Council 5 Steward Information

Finance Committee

Local 2829 shall have a finance committee consisting of the Officers and Executive Board. The committee shall meet at the request of the Local President or Treasurer. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the Local Finance Policy annually, researching and making recommendations on large expenditures of the Local, hearing appeals of expense reimbursement disputes or denials, reviewing requests for departing from the established finance policy and overseeing the Treasurer’s monthly finance reports.

The Local Executive Board shall have the authority to approve reimbursement and resolve disputes involving financial matters if such issues arise between meetings of the Finance Committee.

The Local Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and disbursing monies of the Local Union. The Treasurer is responsible for issuing checks in payment for expenses incurred by the Local. Local checks must be countersigned by two of the following three authorized officers: the Treasurer, the President and/or Vice President. The Local Union Treasurer must prepare monthly income and expense reports and must present these reports at the monthly general membership meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Local’s surety bond and shall be responsible for filing financial reports required by the International Union and Council 6. The Treasurer shall be responsible for forwarding lost-time documentation to Council 6 and for disbursing expense reimbursement to those Local members duly elected or appointed to represent the Local at official union functions.

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