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Overview of Local 2829

Local 2829 represents employees in agencies as diverse as Military Affairs, the Arts Board and the Amateur Sports Board. We represent employees in all the Constitutional offices (with the exception of the governor's office) and in agencies as large as 250 members. Members participate fully in the administration and operation of the local as stewards, negotiations delegates, convention delegates, officers, and political activists.

Bargaining units represented include: Unit 2 (craft workers), Unit 3 (service workers), Unit 6 (clericals) and Unit 7 (technical employees).

The largest concentration of members in our Local is in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Our Local also serves employees in almost every county of the state. Greater Minnesota worksites include the Travel Information Centers, Lottery Offices, Armories, Duluth Airbase and Camp Ripley.

Collective Bargaining

Local 2829 is part of AFSCME Council 5, which represents more than 40,000 public and nonprofit workers statewide. This includes about 19,000 state employees, plus front-line workers in the University of Minnesota and MnSCU systems; city, county and some school district employees in the Metro and Arrowhead; and workers at Hennepin County Medical Center, Fairview University Medical Center, Regions Hospital, and other care facilities. Combined, Council 5 has more than 125 locals.

As a state local, Local 2829 participates in Council 5 policy committees and contract negotiations. Every two years, Council 5 members negotiate contract through collective bargaining. Elected representatives of Council 5, Minnesota Management and Budget, and individual state agencies meet to negotiate a two-year contract.

Locals begin gathering contract proposals for local ratification in the fall of even-numbered years. This is step one in a lengthy process that sets the standard for other bargaining units in state service.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Local

  • Ensure that information, assistance and support is available to all stewards and members.
  • Monitor the use of member and "fair share" listings.
  • Preserve the integrity of the local and hold regular meetings.
  • Provide necessary training.
  • Provide a monthly meeting notice and newsletter.
  • Monitor and update Union policies and rules.
  • Review and take appropriate action on Memoranda of Understanding.
  • Identify all "meet and confer" requests.
  • Review and take action on arbitration recommendations.

Membership Rights

  • As a full dues-paying member of Local 2829, you are entitled to:
  • The right to vote on the contract.
  • Attend local meetings.
  • Subscriptions to local newsletters and other publications.
  • Serve as a delegate to central labor bodies affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
  • Reimbursement for workshops and other training.
  • Eligibility for educational scholarships.

Sample Jobs in State Bargaining Units

  • Unit 2 (Craft and Maintenance): Highway maintenance worker, steamfitter, carpenter, laborer..
  • Unit 3 (Service): General maintenance worker, groundskeeper, cook, emergency medical technician...
  • Unit 4 (Health Care/Non-Professional): Chemical Dependency Counselor, licensed practical nurse, human services technician ...
  • Unit 6 (Clerical): Customer services, officer administrative specialist, college cashier...
  • Unit 7 (Technical): Highway technician, medical laboratory technician, photographer .. 
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