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2015 Expense Policy

Local 2829 Finance Policy
January 2015-December 2015


1. Local 2829 (Local) shall reimburse union members for expenses incurred in the course of conducting official union business only in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth herein.

2. To qualify for reimbursement of expenses, the expenses must have been incurred as the result of participation in a meeting or other business, which the member has been instructed and authorized to attend as a representative, delegate, alternate, or committee member by the Local Executive Board and/or Local membership.

3. Expense forms must be completed and signed by the union member claiming reimbursement and approved by the Local President and Local Treasurer before payment is made. When expenses are expected to exceed $50.00, an advance on expenses (not to exceed the total amount anticipated) may be granted upon the approval of the Local President and Local Treasurer. Requests for reimbursement of expenses shall be reported on the Local expense forms, which may be secured from the Local Treasurer. No reimbursement shall be made without a current W-4 on file.

4. In no instance will expense reimbursement or lost-time allowances be paid to any member of the Local under this policy when the member is being reimbursed under any other policy. (That is by another local union, policy committee, national union, central body, or the employer.) Use of paid leave from the employer does not constitute reimbursement.

5. All expenditures of the Local shall be reviewed by the Local Executive Board and shall be brought before the General Membership to be voted upon at a regularly scheduled General Membership meeting. Any deviation from this policy must be brought before the Local Officers. If the Local Officers are not available, the majority of the Executive Board members shall be polled.

6. The Local shall provide a monthly stipend to the following officers of the Local in the following amounts: President, $150.00; Vice President, $100.00; Secretary, $100.00; Treasurer, $300.00; Chief Steward(s), $100.00.

7. This policy shall be reviewed by the General Membership annually; and, voted upon at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting prior to December 31st.


The Local Executive Board shall have the right to withhold payment of expenses to an individual if that individual is requesting payment for meetings or conventions, which he/she did not attend.

Withholding of expense reimbursement shall only be valid by majority vote of the Local Executive Board members.

Appeals shall be heard in a special meeting of the Local Executive Board.



The Local shall reimburse union members for the actual costs of all meals, which the member is required to eat away from home while on official union business, concurrent with Council 5 expense policy, and running concurrent with the U.S. General Service Administration meals and incidental expense reimbursement rates. These rates are listed at www.gsa.gov/mie.

A receipt must be submitted for meal reimbursement. Members who are eligible for reimbursement of two meals or more in a single day can be reimbursed for the actual cost of the meals up to the combined maximum reimbursement of the eligible meals.

With pre-approval of the Local Executive Board, stewards or designees may be reimbursed for expenses related to providing food or buying meals for organizing activities and/or Labor/Management meetings, provided receipts are submitted.

The portion of a meal receipt for liquor purchases will not be reimbursed.


The Local will reimburse union members who are on official Union business for actual miles spent traveling to and from conventions or meetings, at the IRS rate or the amount of alternative travel, whichever is less. Regular monthly General Membership and Executive Board meetings are excluded from mileage reimbursement.


The Local will reimburse union members for actual receipted parking ramp or parking expenses, including airport parking, for official conventions or meetings. Regular monthly General Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings are excluded from parking reimbursement.


The Local will reimburse union members for the cost of a single room for lodging at an approved hotel/motel during official conventions or authorized business. A receipt must accompany all reimbursement requests for official lodging. The Local shall provide a list of approved hotels/motels when possible. We encourage members to double up, when feasible.

Lodging will be authorized for the night prior to a convention/meeting/previously approved event only if the member would have to leave home prior to 7:00 a.m. to attend the convention/meeting/event. Lodging will be authorized for the night following a meeting only if the member would not be able to return home until after 10:00 p.m. Exceptions to the above must be presented to the local chair officers with prior approval by at least two chair officers.

Regular monthly General Membership and Executive Board meetings are excluded from lodging reimbursement.




Any member of the Local shall be entitled to claim a lost-time allowance at the individual’s actual hourly rate of pay for all regularly scheduled hours taken off from work (not to exceed the member’s scheduled work day) or whenever the member is on continuing leave of absence (not to exceed the member’s scheduled work day) under the following conditions.

1. When in attendance at an official convention or workshop.

2. When acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Local with prior authorization by the Local Executive Board or the General Membership of the Local at a regularly scheduled meeting or as a part of an elected/appointed position with the Local.

3. When serving on a committee for which lost-time the Local Executive Board has specifically authorized.

4. When a member is required to take time without pay the Local shall reimburse for time and lost accruals.

5. When serving as a member of the Executive Board of the Local, elected/appointed representatives shall receive lost-time, if applicable to attend Executive Board meetings.

If authorization is not possible under items 2 or 3 above, then the Local President or Treasurer must provide advance approval.

No lost-time will be paid under any circumstances for an employee’s regular day of rest and the combination of lost-time and regular employee wages shall not exceed the employees regular scheduled hours per pay period, exclusive of overtime.

In addition to the expense policies and procedures for Executive Board members, delegates/alternates and standing committee members, the following will apply:

1. Local and council time is treated exactly as state time.

2. All rules and regulations apply and delegates/alternates will be held accountable for their whereabouts.

3. Drinking alcoholic beverages while on working time for the union is prohibited.

4. Delegates/alternates must attend entire workshops.

5. Delegates/alternates must stay until the end of the General Assembly unless excused. If lost-time is denied, delegate has the right to appeal to the Executive Board.


It is the standing policy of the Local to purchase a holiday gift for the Council 5 business agent. A gift may also be purchased for retiring or leaving of officers and/or Executive Board members. The cost of this gift shall not exceed $50.00 without permission of the Executive Board.


The Local President and Treasurer must approve All other expenses and lost-time allowances not covered by these guidelines in advance. If the Treasurer or President has reason to believe there is a violation of the Expense Policies and Procedures, the expense may be disapproved. If the violation is unclear but a doubt exists, it shall be brought to the Executive Board by the Treasurer for discussion and a recommendation. Any members whose expense request is disapproved shall have the right to bring the matter to the Executive Board.


The above policies and procedures on the payment of expenses and lost-time is effective January 2015, by action of the Local 2829 Executive Board and supercedes all previous expense and lost-time policies and authorizations.

Reviewed and approved November 2014, amended 1/8/2015

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