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October 2013 Membership Meeting Minutes

AFSCME COUNCIL 5 – October 23, 2013

President Kevin Norbie called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. All Local Executive Board Members were present in person or via telephone. Attendees: Kevin Norbie, Kristin Kirchoff, Eric Mattson, Mike Nelson, Kristin Dennis, Theresa St. Aoro, Christi Nelson, Julie Tinkham, and Debbie Cooper. Phone: Blair Francis. Excused: Chad Olson, Bill Smith, Roberta Suski, and Mel Preczewski.


Motion made by M. Nelson, seconded, and carried to accept the September 2013 minutes, as amended. The amendments to the September 2013 minutes were adding Pam Tedora to the list of meeting attendees and winner of the nightly drawing, and adding the discussion of fair share/member dues and a strike fund raised by Tinkham.


The September 2013 Financial Reports were distributed and summarized by Mattson. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Balance Sheet and Revenues and Expenses Report of September 2013. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Register Report of September 2013, subject to audit.


Norbie discussed a Thank You received for the donation to the Labor Ball.


Kirchoff reviewed the following from the Executive Board Meeting:
Check-in of goals for the next 12 months.
Election Review Committee update.
Discussion about reinstating the Hardship/Solidarity Fund for members affected by the Federal shutdown.


St. Aoro discussed the following:
PCA meet and confer scheduled for October 25th to discuss one unit.
Active investigation at PCA with members involved.
Harassment issues are not grievable, because not contractual. Guide members to go to HR with these concerns.
Explanation of history of Labor Management Committee at AGO. St. Aoro, Norbie, and Dennis will move forward with trying to get the Labor Management Committee back at AGO by setting up a meet and confer. St. Aoro, Norbie, Dennis, Tinkham, Cooper, and anyone else interested will attend the meet and confer.
Steward issue regarding using vacation for grievances at AGO has been resolved.
Dennis discussed a 2nd Step at Commerce.


C. Nelson discussed the following:
Hennepin County having difficulty with contract negotiations. Asking for residences to call County Board in support of a fair contract.
Arbitrations: Tim Henderson will be handling the two pending shutdown arbitrations (one at PCA and one at Tourism).


St. Paul RLF:
St. Aoro reported the following:
Metrics agreed to by AFL-CIO Directors in Los Angeles. Every union, council, and local will have their door knocks, calls, etc. measured, and the AFL-CIO will get after unions, councils, and locals not doing enough.


Norbie discussed a meeting with Jo Pels and C. Nelson regarding how the Local should proceed with handling our own arbitrations and improving the process. Norbie proposed a Grievance Review Committee, consisting of 4 to 5 stewards (2 of which are the Chief Stewards), to do the groundwork of each grievance (assembling file, etc.), and to attend Labor Education Services (LES) Arbitration Training. St. Aoro clarified that the Committee would not be doing all of the grievances; rather, the worksite stewards will still be doing the grievances and the Committee will organize and keep track of the grievances. Kirchoff discussed that the Local should be empowering our stewards to do this and that every steward should know how to organize a file, etc. M. Nelson recommended looking into whether LES will do an arbitration training customized for the Local. Everyone in attendance at the meeting expressed interest in attending this training. Decision was made to table the Grievance Review Committee for now, and Norbie will look into LES customizing the training for the Local, with a report back at the next Local Executive Board meeting.

Norbie discussed the MOU negotiated for the Federal shutdown. Even though the Federal shutdown ended, the MOU will still go through the proper channels for approval, in case a Federal shutdown occurs in January. Norbie and Francis discussed “double jeopardy” for Military Affairs members, as they are affected by both State and Federal shutdowns.

Norbie discussed the Hardship/Solidarity Fund recommendation by the Local Executive Board for the members that will affected by the Federal shutdown. Motion made by St. Aoro, seconded, and carried to reinstate the Hardship/Solidarity Fund with the same parameters as the fund in 2011, with a starting maximum of $5,000 and individual member limit of $500, and to restart the Hardship/Solidarity Fund Committee (consisting of 3 members) to review the Hardship/Solidarity Form, with budgeting for the Hardship/Solidarity Fund to take place at the November budget planning meeting, and funding of the Hardship/Solidarity Fund to start in January. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried for the Hardship/Solidarity Fund Committee members: Eric Mattson, Roberta Suski, and Kristin Dennis.

Norbie discussed the Contract Distribution Campaign and suggested that Ryan Welles conduct a quasi-VMO training for the campaign.

Norbie discussed a promotional item he brought in, which were hats (one orange and one camouflage displaying the Local), to distribute during the Contract Distribution Campaign. Kirchoff and St. Aoro discussed that the Local should be doing promotional things for all members of the Local, not just a subset. Tinkham discussed that the Local should show members what the Local is doing for them and showing solidarity to make people understand what the union is about. Cooper suggested more meetings with members. M. Nelson suggested doing a pocket calendar with dates. Tinkham suggested putting union rights on the calendars, such as Weingarten rights. Kirchoff volunteered to create a calendar and will send it out for review.

Norbie stated that the Local is moving slowly with signing up fair shares to become members. Currently, the Local is at 306 fair share members. Norbie stressed for constant contact with fair share members and to be more proactive, as in person to person contact with fair share members.


M. Nelson stated that he has a file cabinet and box of Local t-shirts for someone to store.


Local Budget/Planning Meeting – November 15th at 10:00 a.m.
November Local Membership Meeting – November 20th (moved from the week of Thanksgiving)
December Local Membership Meeting – December 18th (moved from the week of Christmas)


Dennis’ daughter is getting married.
Tinkham discussed a benefit for Sean Mullaney’s son, Nolan, who is battling cancer. Mullaney is an AFSCME member of St. Paul Public Schools Local 844. Motion made by Kirchoff, seconded, and carried to donate $50 to the Nolan Mullaney Fund. Tinkham will get the information regarding where to send the check to Mattson.

Mattson won the nightly drawing.

Adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Kirchoff.


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