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March 2015 General Membership Meeting Minutes

AFSCME COUNCIL 5 – March 25, 2015

President Kevin Norbie called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. All Local Executive Board Members were present in person or via telephone. Attendees: Mel Preczewski, Kristin Kirchoff, Eric Mattson, Kristin Dennis, Roberta Suski, Theresa St. Aoro, Julie Tinkham, Pam Todora, Jamila Boudlali, Michael LaCoste, and Kevin Norbie. Excused: Bill Smith.


Motion made by Preczewski, seconded, and carried to accept the February 2015 minutes.


The February 2015 Financial Reports were distributed and summarized by Mattson. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Balance Sheet and Revenues and Expenses Report of February 2015. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Register Report of February 2015, subject to audit.


Norbie discussed the following:
SEPC Conference on May 1st at the Ramada MOA.


Kirchoff reviewed the following:
Motion made by the Executive Board, seconded, and carried to approve the Local Audit Statement for year-ending December 2014, conducted by Gary Paulson, CPA.
Motion made by the Executive Board, seconded, and carried to forward the Bradshaw termination grievance to the Arbitration Review Team.
Motion made by the Executive Board, seconded, and carried to donate $250 to Sister Macy Kujava, a member of Local 2181, who was in a life-threatening automobile accident.


Military Affairs:
Norbie discussed the following:
Step 3 grievance denial at St. Cloud MA regarding a termination.

St. Aoro discussed the following:
Reclassification denial at Lottery. LaCoste and St. Aoro will follow up on this.
Step 3 grievance filed at TRA regarding a written reprimand and unrealistic standards. St. Aoro, Kirchoff, Norbie, and LaCoste will attend on April 9th at 9:30 a.m. at MN Retirement Systems building.

Kirchoff discussed a workload issue at OAH. She will request a meet and confer once the information from members is reviewed.

Dennis and Suski reported a Step 1 grievance denial at PCA regarding a non-certification. Step 2 will be filed.

Kirchoff and Dennis reported a Step 3 grievance at PCA regarding a position bid. Mattson, Dennis, and Suski will attend.


LaCoste discussed the following:
Arbitration Review Team dismissed the Bradshaw, Bronk, MA Class Action, Murawa, and Betts arbitrations, and advanced the MA leave accrual arbitration.
Organizational charting for the Local has started, and help is needed with PCA, MA, Commerce, Lottery, and HF to get it done by the Steward’s Retreat. Dennis will chart PCA.

Tinkham noted that she is receiving a notification when a new, classified employee starts at AGO, but is not notified when one leaves nor when a position is eliminated.

Todora discussed a reallocation/reclassification issue at the Arts Board. St. Aoro and Todora will connect to follow up on this issue.

Tinkham noted that the 2015 dues rate calculator from Mattson is an effective tool to get more members.


St. Paul RLF:
St. Aoro discussed the following:
Abood decision and pending SCOTUS case that could reverse the Abood decision (establishment of fair share dues).
Endorsed Jane Prince for St. Paul City Council (Ward 7).
Breaking ground on new building in April, and will use different union halls for meetings after June.

Council 5 Executive Board:
Mattson discussed the following:
East Metro vacant seat went to Angela Marlowe from Local 8 (Ramsey County).
State and West Metro vacant seats will be filled at the next meeting.
Organizing, mapping, and charting discussions.
Abood discussion.
Sits on Finance Committee, audit currently being conducted.


LaCoste noted that there is no update on the AGO unclassified issue, and will connect with Jo Pels regarding this issue.

LaCoste reported that Jackie will not be able to mail out ballots for the Officer/Executive Board election until July 8th, at the latest. The membership discussed the election, and how much time would be needed to mail out the ballots and give the membership adequate time to return their ballots. Motion made by St. Aoro and seconded to end nominations in May, and mail out the ballots within two weeks. Amendment offered to open nominations in May, and close at the June Executive Board meeting. Amendment accepted as Friendly. Motion failed. Motion made by Preczewski, seconded, and carried to open nominations in May, close nominations at the June membership meeting, and move the membership meeting in July to July 29th to allow three weeks to return ballots.

The location for the Steward’s Retreat has changed, due to scheduling conflicts. Motion made by Dennis, seconded, and carried to hold the Steward’s Retreat at GrandStay Residential Suites in St. Cloud on April 9-11, 2015. Motion made by Dennis, seconded, and carried to hold the April Local Executive Board meeting at 8:30 p.m. at the GrandStay Residential Suites in St. Cloud.

Dennis noted that an agenda for the Steward’s Retreat is needed, and the block of rooms has been closed. There are a total of 12 reserved rooms, and 14 attendees so far.

St. Aoro noted that the Mail Carrier’s Food Drive will be on May 9th at the Midway Cub location.


SEPC Conference Delegate Nominations: Kevin Norbie, Mel Preczewski, Kristin Kirchoff, Eric Mattson, Bill Smith, Deb Oslund, Theresa St. Aoro, Kristin Dennis, Roberta Suski, Michael Anderson, Duane Gatzke, Candi Parker, Tim Duren, Rachel Parlin, Sharon Christensen. Motion made by Preczewski, seconded, and carried for an unanimous ballot of delegates to the SEPC Conference on May 1st.

Preczewski noted that MAPE at PCA is doing a good job of getting the word out about contract negotiations (buttons, flyers, etc.), and that AFSCME needs to get something going to show solidarity between unions.

Norbie noted that contract negotiations with the State begin on April 8th at 10:00 a.m. To show solidarity, stand up at your work station/location at 10:00 a.m. on April 8th for 30 seconds.


Dennis will be getting a girl grandbaby in July!

Adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Kirchoff.


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