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December 2013 General membership Meeting Minutes

AFSCME COUNCIL 5 – December 18, 2013

President Kevin Norbie called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. All Local Executive Board Members were present in person or via telephone. Attendees: Mel Preczewski, Kristin Kirchoff, Eric Mattson, Kristin Dennis, Mike Nelson, Roberta Suski, Theresa St. Aoro, Christi Nelson, Julie Tinkham, Kathy Berg, and Kevin Norbie. Phone: Blair Francis and Chad Olson. Excused: Bill Smith.


Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the November 2013 Executive Board minutes.
Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the November 2013 Local Membership minutes.


The November 2013 Financial Reports were distributed and summarized by Mattson. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Balance Sheet and Revenues and Expenses Report of November 2013. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Register Report of November 2013, subject to audit.


Norbie discussed the following:
Executive Board/Budget Planning Meeting held in November 2013. Ratifying the 2014 Local Finance Policy and Budget at this meeting.
Contract distribution campaign has started, and seven member cards have been signed thus far.
Camp Ripley site meeting on January 7th.
Dennis and Norbie are heading out to northeastern Minnesota to do the contract distribution campaign in that region, January 30-31.
Distributed the Council 5 Executive Board minutes, Local Union Payroll calendar, and Community Nutrition Educators flyer for review.


No report, as the Executive Board and Membership meetings are combined this month.


St. Aoro discussed the following:
Member at Lottery decided to retire before investigatory leave ended.
Investigation at SOS.
Norbie and St. Aoro will set up a meeting at AGO to discuss starting a Labor Management Committee.
Site meeting is needed at Lottery.
Trying to get PCA HR Director to commit on what to do with a specific unit within PCA, no response yet.

Preczewski discussed a regional issue at PCA. A member was told that only one OAS-Intermediate could be in each regional office, so members were not getting proper reallocations. The PCA HR Director confirmed that this is not a policy; rather, reallocations are based on work done. The PCA HR Director will get back to Preczewski regarding changes in work percentages, as high percentages of work are being listed as low percentages on work plans.

Military Affairs:
Olson discussed the following:
Step 3 at Camp Ripley, member experienced harassment, reported it, and was non-certified the same day. Step 3 was denied. Consider sending on to Arbitration, may have been retaliation. Member does not want to return to Camp Ripley, and there’s no other comparable positions open. Management said that the member had received coaching and wasn’t doing the job well, and there will be an investigation into the harassment complaint. St. Aoro reported that the harassment claim needs to be pursued through the State, and not through Arbitration. Motion made by M. Nelson, seconded, and carried to not proceed to Arbitration.


C. Nelson discussed the following:
MLK Observance on January 18th at Zion Baptist Church in Minneapolis at 3:00 p.m.
Raise the Wage Rally on February 25th at the Capitol Rotunda at 3:00 p.m.
Move MN Transportation Rally on March 13th at the State Capitol.
Day on the Hill on March 25th.
Encourage members to look into MNSure, a video is available to view through the Action Update.
No movement on the Local’s two pending Arbitrations.
Settlement accepted for the Tourism Arbitration, members will get ¾ time back in comp time.
Will be on vacation from December 23rd to January 2nd.


St. Paul RLF:
St. Aoro reported the following:
Christmas Party took up most of the meeting.
Recommendations for CD-2 and CD-4 were made, Mike Obermueller and Betty McCollum.
Catholic Charities/Dorothy Day wants to purchase the RLF building, more information to follow.

Minneapolis ALC:
M. Nelson reported the following:
Holiday Party took up the meeting.
Next meeting will be working with a battered women’s shelter, and more candidate screenings.

Council 5 Executive Board:
M. Nelson reported the following:
Budget was main part of the meeting.
Jim Nyland is moving to run the DFL campaign and Jon Grebner is now running the political department.


Norbie discussed proposals aimed to consolidate or eliminate the small Boards. Please keep an eye out for these.

Contract Distribution Campaign:
Kirchoff and Preczewski have the St. Paul contracts, and will distribute in January. Tinkham is willing to help in that effort.
Deb Kestner and Deb Oslund will distribute Camp Ripley and Brainerd contracts on January 7th.
Norbie will distribute contracts to PCA Duluth, and Thompson Hill Tourism, date is TBD.
Kirchoff and Preczewski will distribute contracts to members in Owatonna, Rochester, Mankato, and Albert Lea, date is TBD.
St. Aoro and C. Nelson will distribute contracts to members in Marshall and Willmar, date is TBD.
Commerce contracts will be distributed at the next site meeting in January.
OAH, Human Rights, and Animal Health contracts will be distributed at an OAH site meeting, date is TBD.


2014 Local Finance Policy and Budget ratification discussion. Mattson distributed the drafts of the documents for review. Motion made by M. Nelson, seconded, and carried to accept the 2014 Local Finance Policy. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to ratify the 2014 Local Budget.

Thanks to everyone, especially Mattson, for their work on next year’s budget.

Norbie discussed International Convention delegates. The budgeted amount has seven delegates/alternates in mind. St. Aoro suggested moving the discussion to a meeting closer to convention. Preczewski stated that more time is needed to make an educated decision. Discussion is deferred to a future meeting.

Francis discussed the 1st Central Minnesota Labor Conference on January 25th in Brainerd. The conference is focused on growing the labor movement in Greater Minnesota. Motion made by M. Nelson, seconded, and carried to donate $100 to the Greater Minnesota Worker Center, for the 1st Central Minnesota Labor Conference.

M. Nelson discussed that two Child Care Providers Together (CCPT) organizers were laid off for the month of December. They have no income, as they gave up their home businesses to organize CCPT for Council 5. Motion made by St. Aoro, seconded, and carried to donate $100 to the CCPT laid-off workers.

Kirchoff discussed the creation of the Local 2014 calendar to distribute to all Local members. Motion made by Kirchoff, seconded, and carried to print 800 calendars at an amount not to exceed $600.

Mattson discussed a new policy at Housing Finance, regarding criminal background checks, education checks, and credit checks for new hires. More information to come regarding this.



Local Stewards Meeting – January 11th at Council 5
Election Review Committee – January 11th at Council 5 following the Stewards Meeting
Financial Responsibility Training – February 12th at Council 5


Duane Gatzke from PCA has suffered a serious head injury and cannot work for the time being.
Sharon Simi from SOS is undergoing cancer treatment.
Dennis won the nightly drawing.

Adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Kirchoff.


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