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April 2015 General Membership Meeting Minutes

AFSCME COUNCIL 5 – April 22, 2015

President Kevin Norbie called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. All Local Executive Board Members were present in person or via telephone. Attendees: Mel Preczewski, Kristin Kirchoff, Eric Mattson, Kristin Dennis, Roberta Suski, Theresa St. Aoro, Julie Tinkham, Pam Todora, Michael LaCoste, and Kevin Norbie. Excused: Bill Smith.


Motion made by Suski, seconded, and carried to accept the March 2015 minutes.


The March 2015 Financial Reports were distributed and summarized by Mattson. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Balance Sheet and Revenues and Expenses Report of March 2015. Motion made by Mattson, seconded, and carried to accept the Register Report of March 2015, subject to audit.


Norbie discussed the following:
Financial Responsibility Training on June 4th at the Council 5 Duluth office.
State Employee Policy Committee on May 1st at the Ramada MOA.
Local per caps for review.


Kirchoff reviewed the following:
Grievance review.
Motion made by the Executive Board, seconded, and carried to move the July membership meeting back to July 22nd, as previously scheduled.


Military Affairs:
Norbie discussed the following:
Agency Labor Management Committee on April 27th to get new employee briefings up and running.
Site meetings at St. Cloud and Holman Field.

St. Aoro discussed the following:
Step 3 grievance at TRA regarding a written warning was denied.
Step 3 grievance will be filed at PCA for a non-certification.
Step 1 grievance at PCA regarding bidding was denied.
Working on a strategy for attendance for the upcoming site meeting at the MN Retirement Systems building.

Dennis discussed an issue with PCA HR talking to PCA Senior Management for decisions on grievances that PCA HR hears, which is disconcerting that management not hearing the grievance makes the decision for the grievance. Norbie noted that management says it’s within their rights to talk among managers about grievance decision.


LaCoste discussed the following:
Met with members from Commerce Weights & Measures, and is going to schedule a Labor Management Committee there. Two members want to be Stewards, and another one wants to when probation is over.
Steward’s training on June 16th may need to be rescheduled due to contract negotiations.
Anonymous postcard from Commerce regarding the number of student workers.
Request from a worker in Cambridge for a printed copy of the contract. Kirchoff will mail one out to her.
Attended the Labor Management Committee and met members at the MA Duluth Air Base, 4 cards signed from Duluth and 1 card signed from Camp Ripley. Follow-up should be a lunch time meeting sometime in late summer.

Dennis noted that there is a site meeting set up for Commerce on May 5th at noon.


St. Paul RLF:
St. Aoro discussed the following:
Endorsement for Rafael Espinosa for the St. Paul City Council.

Council 5 Executive Board:
Mattson discussed the following:
Annual AFSCME picnic on August 16th at Battle Creek Regional Park from 1-5 p.m.
West Metro vacant seat filled by Sara Frank.
State vacant seat filled by Bryce Wickstrom.
Presentation by the auditor for the Council 5 audit (unqualified audit, best audit to get).
AFSCME Councils in Wisconsin unified into the new Council 32.


LaCoste gave an update on the AGO unclassified issue. Jo Pels and he had a preliminary discussion with Anne O’Brien from MMB. O’Brien didn’t know a lot of what was going on, and asked for more detailed information. Pels requested a list of all of the unclassified positions, and the key will be to get as much detailed information as possible at the AGO noon-time meeting scheduled for April 30th.

LaCoste reviewed the Steward’s Retreat earlier this month. Mapping, charting, the site visit to Camp Ripley, and follow-up assignments were discussed. Steward follow-up meetings are scheduled for May 16th, June 27th, and July 25th (all 10 a.m.-4 p.m.).

Norbie noted that Tony Ybarra from Lottery will try to recruit some members for the Labor Management Committee at Lottery, and will talk to him about scheduling a noon-time meeting.


Norbie noted that he has contacted the PCA Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner for a meet and confer. Norbie and LaCoste will attend when scheduled.

Tinkham discussed an email thread about dues. A member left, came back, signed a card, but never had dues taken out, and is listed on the Unionware list as a member. The consensus of the membership is to hold a working meeting to compare our Local lists to the Unionware list to make sure the Local is getting the appropriate dues on June 6th from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Council 5 office in South St. Paul. LaCoste will get a full Unionware list for this meeting.

Tinkham discussed an issue out of the AGO Labor Management Committee regarding flexible scheduling. LaCoste noted that they could negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding if that’s what the AGO workers want.

Norbie noted that the membership meeting next month is the opening of nominations for the Local Officer/Executive Board election.


Mike Anderson (Steward in Duluth) had an unfortunate accident last winter, has been off work since, and just recently got into another accident. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Kirchoff.


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